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My Sainsbury’s Author Page

On publication Sainsbury’s chose Ghost Girl as their Book of the Week. It quickly went to number one in their ebook chart.

Click Here  for my author page on their ebook site. I talk about writing and you can see my choice for their Collections.… Read more

Writing Ghost Girl – The Murder Site

Thursday 16th August 2012. Dukes Meadows at eleven in the morning. I park my car in the shade of a tree. The sun is beating down, it’s already hot. Through bushes I can see the river Thames, darts  of bright light dance on its surface.  This is London, I’m not far from the A316, yards from Chiswick Bridge, yet I’m sealed within an immediate and suspenseful quiet that is not tranquil despite the verdant green and the summer sunshine.… Read more

Writing Ghost Girl – The School

‘Erected in memory of S.L. Swaab Esq. His knowledge like a spring of refreshing water flowed ever during life for the relief of the suffering.’

The 22nd of July 2011 was warm and sunny. In Ravenscourt Park, I walked the route I used to take to my primary school, along a path by the London Underground viaduct where once there was a slide.… Read more

Ghost Girl Out Today!

‘Ghost Girl is a terrific crime novel. You are left with a feeling of utter satisfaction – the intricate, multi-layered plot never overshadows the compelling characters and brilliant central premise.’ Elly Griffiths.

‘Lesley Thomson is adept at slinking into the recesses of minds, notably those of children and holy fools.   

A lovely read…’  Gwen Moffat, Shotsmag.Read more