The Mystery of Yew Tree House


Cleaner Stella Darnell and London Underground driver Jack Harmon take his stepchilldren Milly and Justin away for a month in the country. They hire Yew Tree House in a Sussex village. 


Stella's objective for this holiday is to see if she  can give up her independence and live with Jack's family. Jack's objective is to convince Stella that she can. 


Unlike most holidaymakers, when Stella finds a layer of dust in every room and few ornaments to give a sense of home, she is delighted. Missing deep cleaning, she has a job. 


All is going well - trips to the beach, fish and chips - until Justin and Milly find a skeleton in a  WWII civil defence structure (a pillbox) at the bottom of the garden. The body, some 80 years old, has been murdered. 


Detective Inspector Toni Kemp (The Companion) heads the case. When Toni discovers Stella is The Detective's Daughter and has solved murder cases of her own, Toni shares inside informatio with her. 


There there is another murder...

Published by: Head of Zeus Aries Fiction
Published: 9 June 2022
ISBN: 9781801109260


Number 1 Bestseller on Amazon  Kindle !


'...Lesley Thomson has created a complex myster full of psychological suspense, worthy of Barbara Vine. She makes you feel the presence of evil.' 

The Times  - books for September - Mark Saunderson

'Lesley Thomson's new novel evokes the golden age of British crime fiction. ...the final revelation is jaw-dropping.' 

The Sunday Times - Crime Round-Up - Joan Smith

'A gripping demonstration that the past is never really the past.' 

The Mail on Sunday - The Best New Fiction - John Williams



'Lesley Thomson gets better and better.'

Ian RankinIan RankinWriter

'...a standalone whodunnit that is creepy and very funny.' 

The TimesThe TimesNewspaper

'Like the best of Barbara Vine and Agatha Christie crossed with the unique Lesley Thomson brilliance.'

Elly GriffithsElly GriffithsWriter

'A thoroughly entertaining and very contemporary take on the traditional country house mystery, switching from sinister to comic with practised ease.' 

The Daily MailThe Daily MailNewspaper

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