The runaway


An exclusive short story from the bestselling author of The Detective's Daughter Stella Darnell understands that her mum and dad don't want to live together anymore. But she wishes she didn't have to say goodbye to her bedroom, or pack her hateful pink suitcase that bangs against her legs. Her mum says she'll have special weekends just to see her dad - but Stella knows that when her dad is solving crimes, there's no time for her. And so, aged seven and a half, the detective's daughter decides to run away…

Published by: Head of Zeus Aries Ficion
Published: 9 June 2022
ISBN: 9781801109260


'Lesley Thomson gets better and better.'

Ian RankinIan RankinWriter

'...a standalone whodunnit that is creepy and very funny.' 

The TimesThe TimesNewspaper

'Like the best of Barbara Vine and Agatha Christie crossed with the unique Lesley Thomson brilliance.'

Elly GriffithsElly GriffithsWriter

'A thoroughly entertaining and very contemporary take on the traditional country house mystery, switching from sinister to comic with practised ease.' 

The Daily MailThe Daily MailNewspaper

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