The Death Chamber


June, 1977 - As night falls, seventeen-year-old Cassie Baker leaves Winchcombe and takes her usual short-cut down a moonlit country lane. She never makes it home. With no body, and no evidence, she’s just another teenage runaway.

December, 1999 - A manhunt is launched for a missing girl, Bryony Motson. The search leads Cotswold police to an ancient burial site outside Winchcombe. Here, inside a stone chamber, are the remains of Cassie Baker. Bryony is never found.

June, 2016 - Stella Darnell, cleaner and private detective, moves to the countryside to solve the long-cold case. By now, evidence has decayed, gossip become fact, and witnesses forgotten what they saw. But, if there is a killer in their midst, it is someone who has got away with murder for twenty years. Someone who will do anything to keep it that way…

Published by: Head of Zeus

Published: 5 April 2018

ISBN: 978-1786697219

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