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About my characters

Stella Darnell runs a successful cleaning company in West London. Her father was a senior detective in the Metropolitan police. Like him, Stella roots into shadowy places and restores order. But while Terry Darnell had honed his detection skills over his years in the Force, his daughter is a natural. Bringing her cleaning methods to bear on each investigation, she strips away layers of untruths and fabrications to uncover the killer, just as she would eradicate stains and sweep up dirt.

Jack Harmon is a night-time London Underground train driver. Where Stella is rational and practical, Jack is capricious and quirky. He sees ghosts, is governed by intuition, discerns patterns everywhere and takes action accordingly. Unafraid to enter the mind of a murderer, he walks into the nocturnal darkness to understand the killer’s motives and anticipate their next move.

Jack and Stella’s different skills and view of the world make them a successful detective partnership. Together they solve murder cases.

Stella Darnell in images:

Stella Darnell ( Click image to view gallery)

Jack Harmon in images:

Jack Harmon ( Click image to view gallery)