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My services

Like many writers I supplement income from fiction with ‘day jobs’. My varied background is fuelled by my passion for the potential in us all. My experience in customer services and marketing, for example in the telecoms, consumer research, arts, finance and health sectors means I see how organisations work and recognise issues that get in the way of achieving objectives.

If you are looking for any of these services, do email me:


What do you want to say? I write easily accessible and compelling copy tailored to your audience for your:

  • website
  • marketing material
  • proposals
  • reports
  • blurb for products etc.
  • contracts
  • technical solutions in plain English
  • presentations / workshop material ( using PowerPoint/Word/Excel)


Do you need the fresh eye of an expert? I will provide:

  • new business strategies for SME’s
  • analysis and advice on next steps for organisations, including damage limitation after eg: negative PR; impact of
  • merger/downsizing; relocation, change management etc.

Public Speaking

Are you looking for speakers and panel members? I will talk to your membership about:

  • career diversity
  • fiction writing
  • new business development

Creative Writing

Are you a writer? I will give advice to your creative writing group about:

  • short stories/novels
  • how to develop fiction for publication